Food & Civil Supply

The Civil Supplies Department discharges the important responsibilities of Public Distribution, enforcement of markets discipline and promotion of consumer awareness and protection of their interest. In the 60s and 70s it won many accolades for the pioneering achievements in the implementation of Universal Rationing System.The Department of Civil Supplies functions under the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs of the Government of Kerala.
Kerala State has the privilege of having the best system of Public Distribution in the whole country. The system is evenly spread over the whole state without any distinction between urban or rural. To ensure equitable distribution of the food grains at a fairly low cost to all people especially to the weaker sections of the population. There is a very good net work of wholesale and retail outlets for the distribution of rationed articles under the Public Distribution System. In each Taluk, with every AWD and KWD, a set of ARDs are permanently linked. Under this system, the requirement of each AWD and KWD in the State is fixed and this facilitates the District Supply Officer who is the Departmental Head of the District to make allocation of the Rationed Articles to the Taluks in each district and the Taluk Supply Officer in turn to make allocation to the AWDs and KWDs in his Taluk. State Average of Ration cards per Ration shop is 400. On the supply side, there are 14203 retail outlets at present, in the state.