Kerala’s achievements in health scenario are on par with developed countries. Kerala tops the performance in meeting Millennium Development Goals. The state has a better health standard with low birth and death rate, rapidly declining growth rate, high level of acceptance of family planning methods and increased life expectancy.

In spite of these achievements, the emerging and re-emerging diseases form a public health threat which demands a multidimensional management through inter-sectoral co-ordination. This formed the foundation for Kerala to set specific targets to be achieved by 2020 and Sustainable Development Goal No.3 formed the reference frame work. Kerala has set specific targets on Hepatitis, Leprosy,Lymphatic Filariasis, Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS.In addition to seven SDG targets of UN, Kerala has set target 8 on Dental health, Eye health & Palliative care.

Patient friendly hospital initiative named ARDRAM provides quality services at all health levels. As a part of the program it is envisaged to convert primary health centres into family health centres in a phased manner in order to deliver effective family centred health services.

Our vision is a state with quality health care, affordable and acceptable to all.Our mission is prevention, control and management of communicable,non-communicable and life style diseases, disaster management,healthy pollution free environment, nurturing a mind set among the public to identify health needs and utilize health services by implementing various national health programmes. The strategy is by adopting primary health care aproach based on the principles of equity,inter-sectoral co-ordination and community participation.

Major Hospitals
Sr.No. Name of Institution Sanctioned Bed Corporation/Municipality/Panchayath
Sr.No. Name of Institution Sanctioned Bed Corporation/Municipality/Panchayath
1 General Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram 747 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
2 Mental Health Center, Peroorkada 507 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
3 T.B.Centre, Pulayanarkotta 508 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
4 W&C Hospital, Thycad 428 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
5 District T.B.Centre Thiruvananthapuram 0 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
6 Government Ayurvedic Maternity Hospital, Poojappura 0 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
7 District Hospital, Peroorkada 337 Thiruvananthapuram Corpn
Officers in the Directorate of Health Services
Designation Phone No./Fax No.
Director of Health Services 0471-2303025/2519244
Addl.DHS(Medical) 0471-2303360/2303360
Addl.DHS (Admn & Trg) 0471-2302490/Extn.303
Addl.DHS (FW) 0471-2303080/2519242
Addl.DHS (TB) 0471-2466058
Add.DHS (PH) 0471-2302160/2519324
Addl.DHS (Vig) 0471-2302869/2519265
Addl.DHS (Planning) 0471-2303360
Dy.DHS (Dental) 0471-2302490/Extn.250
 Dy.DHS (Mdl)  0471-2302490/Extn.283
 Dy. DHS (PH)  0471-2302490/Extn.325
 Dy.DHS (OPH)  0471-2306012/2306012
 Dy.DHS (PM&R)  0471-2301906/2301906
 Dy.DHS (Leprosy)(PH)  0471-2302745/2302745
Dy.DHS(Malaria)  Not Available
 Dy.DHS(Planning)  0471-2302490/Extn.243
 Asst. Director (ORT )  Not Available
 Asst. Director (Plg)   Not Available
 IUD- MO  0471-2302490/Extn.276 
Stores Officer (Govt. Medical Stores) 0471-2302490 Extn 205
Asst.Dir. (Entomology)  Not Available
State Health Transport Officer 0471-2302490 /Extn.278
Senior Administrative Officer 0471-2303476/2303476
Senior Finance Officer 0471-2304640/2304640 
Finance Officer 0471-2304640/2304640
Engineer Laison Officer 0471-2302490 Extn 333
Law Officer 0471-2302490 Extn 204

Blood Banks in Thiruvananthapuram

  1. General Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2307874
  2. Medical College Hospital,Blood bank, Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram 0471- 2528230
  3. Regional Cancer Centre,Medical College Campus,Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2442541
  4. Sri ChithiraThirunal Institute of Medical Science & Technology Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2524477 MO- 9446777007
  5. Taluk Head Quarter Hospital,Chiryinkil Thiruvananthapuram 0470-2646565
  6. Women & Children Hospital,Thycaud Thiruvananthapuram 0471-2323457

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