Home Department

The department has taken meaningful steps to protect to set up policing with public co-operation and modernising expired laws. The comprehensive community policing project, named as ‘Janamythri Suraksh Padhathi’, has got attention even in the national level. The Government is also obliged to realise immediate justice to the poor and is committed in protecting human rights.

Organisation Structure

Home department is headed by a principal secretary, Kerala Police headed by Director General of Police, Kerala Fire Force headed by Commandant General, Fire force and Civil Defence, Prisons Department headed by Additional Director General of Police (Prisons) and the Chemical Examiners Laboratory headed by the Chief Chemical Examiner are under the administrative Control of the Home Department.

Line departments, Institutions and organizations under the department

Kerala Police
Kerala Fire Force
Kerala Prisons
Chemical Examiners Laboratory
Kerala Police Housing and Construction Corporation (KPHCC)& Vigilance and Anti-corruption Bureau