Public Works Dept.

Public works government in the State of Travancore (which later formed the major part of Kerala State following the reorganisation of states in 1956) made its beginning in the year 1823 with the formation of the Maramath Department as a branch of the Huzur Cutchery (Government Secretariat) with an executive branch known as the Panivakai Maramath. The Administration Report of the department for the year 1873-74 states that “the new roads of which very nearly 1000 miles have been either completely opened or are in various stages of progress have tapped an enormous tract of the country hitherto almost inaccessible, giving fresh impetus to agriculture”.

The PWD Code was introduced in 1901. The department was perodically reorganised and in 1935-36, the administrative staff under the Chief Engineer consisted of 7 Executive Engineers in charge of divisions, 8 Assistant Engineers and 8 Sub-Engineers in charge of sub-divisions and Supervisors and Overseers in charge of sections. Over the years the department has grown substantially and now has 5 Chief Engineers, 22 Superintending Engineers, 81 Executive Engineers, 284 Assistant Executive Engineers, 638 Assistant Engineers and other supporting staff. The length of roads under the department at present is 33,593 km. All major arterial roads which provide mobility ar with the PWD, consisting of:
· National Highways 1781 kms
· State Highways 4342 kms
· Major District Roads 27470kms